10,000 vehicles imported in January by private individuals

Ten thousand (10,000) vehicles were imported by individuals during the month of January, Industry Minister Ahmed Zeghdar said Thursday in Chlef.

Asked by the media, on the sidelines of a working visit to the wilaya, about the import of vehicles, Mr. Zeghdar assured that the operation is proceeding “normally”, citing, as an indication, the import of 10,000 vehicles by individuals in January 2022.

He added that “despite the sanitary conditions due to the pandemic of the new Coronavirus, the vehicle import operation is proceeding normally”, with an average of 4,000 to 5,000 vehicles imported per month.

On the subject of the automobile industry, the Minister declared: “we want an operating and real industry. We are in contact with large companies to set up an effective industry’, stressing that this file has ‘a strategic dimension for economic operators, with a view to establishing a genuine industry that will be able to export’.

On a working visit to Chlef, the Minister of Industry inquired about the activity of the third cement production line, before visiting a number of industrial enterprises in the communes of Oued Sly and Sidi Okacha, and then the industrial zone of Boukadir. The visit was concluded by a meeting with investors at the headquarters of the province.

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