1243 tonnes of bananas intended for speculation seized in several provinces

The national security services have seized a quantity of 1243 tonnes of bananas intended for speculation in the capital and in several provinces, according to a press release from the same services.

“As part of the efforts made by the police to protect the national economy and fight against speculation in goods and foodstuffs, the national security services managed , at the beginning of the week, to seize 1,243 tonnes of bananas in the provinces of Algiers, Blida, Boumerdès and Chlef, which were destined for speculation,” the same source said.

“The confiscations were carried out following the processing of intelligence information obtained by the police services, which required unannounced searches of cold stores and warehouses in the above-mentioned provinces, following the issuance of a search warrant by the territorially competent judicial authorities,” the statement added.

“Speculators have resorted to a ploy to evade the vigilance of the control authorities by deliberately storing the quantities seized in cold stores in order to keep them in an early state of maturity and to market them later at exorbitant prices,” the same statement said.

Judicial files were drawn up against seven (07) offenders before their presentation to the territorially competent courts.

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