14 people died and 442 were injured in a week

14 people died and 442 others were injured in 372 physical traffic accidents, recorded at the level of urban areas, during the period from February 08 to 14, according to what was reported today, Thursday, by the General Directorate of National Security.

The same source explained that compared to the statistics recorded last week, the toll of traffic accidents has registered “an increase of (+79) accidents, including the number of wounded, estimated at (+102), with a decrease in the number of deaths by (-01) cases.”

The relevant data indicate that the causes of these accidents are attributed first, to the human element with a percentage of more than 96%, as a result of disrespecting the traffic law, non-compliance with the safety distance, excessive speed, fatigue and lack of concentration when driving, in addition to other reasons related to the vehicle.” .

In this context, the General Directorate of National Security renewed its call to public road users to “respect the traffic law and exercise caution while driving.” It also placed at the disposal of citizens the green number 1548 and the emergency line 17, to receive reports 24 hours / 24 hours.

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