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15 dead and 573 injuries in traffic accidents in the last 72 hours

15 people died and 573 others were injured in traffic accidents in several provinces of the country in the last 72 hours, according to a civil protection report.

The same source explained that during the period between 19 and 22 July, Civil Protection agents intervened in 4 cases of drowning in Mostaganem, Oran and Annaba.

Algiers province recorded the death of 1 person aged 24, and another person died, aged 21, in Rochy beach in Mostaganem, 1 person died, aged 35, in Oran province,  and Annaba beaches recorded the death of 1 person aged 28.

In the same context, 3 people died by drowning in various water catchments, as in Setif province, where a 13-year old teenager drowned in Boussalem river, and in Chlef province, two persons died, a 19 years old person in Ouad El Fadha dam, and a 39 years old died by drowning in a lake.

With regard to its efforts in combating the spread of Covid-19, Civil Protection units carried out 131 awareness campaign in 25 provinces (112 municipalities), urging citizens to respect the rules of quarantine and social distancing, in addition to 186 sterilization operations across 17 provinces, cleaning public facilities, structures and streets.

The Directorate-General of Civil Protection has assigned 482 agents, 117 ambulances and 82 fire trucks for these operations, with 12 security points placed in quarantine centers in the provinces of Algeria, Oran and Constantine for expatriate arrivals.


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