Hidaoui: Betting on attracting the largest possible number of young people to build a unified vision

The head of the Higher Youth Council, MustaphaHidaoui, confirmed today, Wednesday in Algiers, that the council is betting on attracting the largest possible number of young people, with the aim of involving them in building a “unified vision” to contribute to national development.

In a speech he delivered on the occasion of the launch of the neighborhood youth meetings under the slogan “Bets and Aspirations”, Mr. Haidaoui said that the Council’s interest “is focused on getting out of the halls and discovering the latent strengths of young people, especially those who are not structured in organizations and associations, and work to regain their confidence,” considering that this step would “build a unified vision that creates a national direction” to contribute to national development.

He added that the council “is required to approach the various wills in the country as well as decision-making centers to form an awareness bloc,” while working to “involve young people as a broad group in public life.”

In this regard, he mentioned the role of this group in achieving sustainable development, noting that this “requires coordination between the council and decision-making centers, based on local groups, and this is far from formalities and seasonal meetings.”

On this occasion, Mr. Hidaoui called on the youth to work “from the local level, such as the neighborhood and the municipality,” citing the change brought about by the youth of the liberation revolution after they adopted a pioneering role that culminated in the achievement of independence and the restoration of national sovereignty.

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