ELEC EL-Djazaïr” group achieves an 11% increase in turnover by 2022

The state-owned group “ELEC EL-Djazaïr”, which specialises in the production and marketing of electronic, household electrical and telecommunication products, achieved a turnover of 21.64 billion DA in 2022, with an increase of 11% compared to 2021, a statement from the Ministry of Industry said Wednesday.

These results were presented during a meeting chaired by the Minister of Industry, Ahmed Zaghdar with the managers of the group and its subsidiaries, focusing on the assessment of the group’s performance during the 2022 fiscal year, the statement said.

According to the report published on this occasion, the group recorded a 4% increase in added value last year, results achieved “despite the financial difficulties and indebtedness of several of its subsidiaries, not to mention the global economic situation that has caused a sharp rise in the price of inputs on world markets”.

With 25 subsidiaries and more than 7,000 employees, the group is mainly active in the electronics industry, household appliances, cables, telecommunication equipment and some equipment used in the electrical industry.

Some of the group’s subsidiaries, such as ENIE, ALFATRON, SONARIC, FILAMP and DOMELEC, specialise in the manufacture of products for the general public, in particular electronic and domestic electrical products (televisions, computers, household appliances, lamps, etc.).

Other subsidiaries manufacture products for subcontracting in the electrical and mechanical industries, telecommunications and services for economic operators.

The group has undertaken several partnership projects with foreign companies in the fields of electrical equipment industry, high voltage transformers, lift industry, in addition to the production of electrical insulators, photovoltaic inverters and transfer units for solar stations.

During the meeting, the Minister underlined that the group is called upon to redouble its efforts to improve its results, especially as some subsidiaries are suffering from financial difficulties and indebtedness, which will enable it to recover its place on the local market after the decline in activity recorded in recent years in some sectors.

To achieve this objective, the group is required to draw a strong policy and a strategy based on the adaptation to the technological development and to the major and fast changes affecting the market of these products, in particular as regards the electronic and household appliances industries, in order to provide quality products that meet the consumer’s expectations, at competitive prices and to optimise the integration rates, he continued.

In addition, the Minister has given instructions to accelerate the pace of revival of the activity of companies and units at the level of the group, the restructuring of those suffering from major difficulties and the completion of investment and partnership projects, concludes the statement.

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