18th Algiers International Quran Recitation Prize : Algerian Reciter Shaimaa Anfal Tabani Wins First Place

Today, on Friday in the capital of Algeria, Algerian reciter Shaimaa Anfal Tabani won first place in the 18th edition of the Algeria International Prize for memorizing the Holy Quran and reviving Islamic heritage. The prize witnessed the participation of 51 reciters from different countries the Arab and Islamic worlds.

The student, Tabani, was honored at a ceremony organized by the Ministry of Religious Affairs and Wakfs in the capital of Algeria on Friday. The event was held in honor of the winners of this edition and the international jury that oversaw the evaluation of the participants in this edition of the prize.

Tabani, a talented reciter, has received recognition for her exceptional skills in Quranic recitation. Her achievement in this prestigious competition is a testament to her dedication and hard work. This is an important recognition of her talent and is sure to be a source of inspiration for many young people in Algeria and beyond.

The final ceremony of Algiers International Prize for the Holy Quran was held at the “Abdul Latif Rahhal” International Conference Center, where the winners of the prestigious competition were recognized for their exceptional recitation skills. In addition to the winner, Shaimaa Anfal Tabani, the event also honored the second-place winner, Hassan Shaib Mohammed Shafei, from Sweden, and third-place winner, Abdul Aziz Makhloof Salem Malouka, from Libya.

The ceremony also recognized the members of the international jury from Senegal, Kuwait, and Algeria who assessed the participants. The event was attended by several government ministers, diplomatic representatives in Algeria, officials from various sectors.

It is worth noting that the organization Prize, established in 2004, is intended for memorizers and reciters under the age of 25 who have not previously won one of the top three prizes in previous editions. Additionally, well-known or professional Quran reciters are not allowed to participate in this event.

Algiers International Prize for the Holy Quran is highly respected and provides a platform for talented reciters to showcase their skills and preserve the cultural heritage of the Islamic world. The participation of 51 countries in this year’s edition underscores the global significance of the competition and its vital role in promoting the Quranic recitation and Islamic heritage. The recognition of the winners and the international jury members is a reflection of their exceptional talent and hard work, which has contributed to the promotion of this valuable tradition in Algeria and beyond.

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