2022 Arab Twin Cycling Championship: Algeria wins the title with 23 medals, including 8 gold ones

The Algerian cycling team won the title of the Arab Twin Championship (on the road and people with disability) by winning a total of 23 medals (8 gold, 9 silver and 6 bronze), yesterday, Friday, after the last day of the Arab competition hosted by the United Arab Emirates (18 to 26 December).

The precious metal medals were won by the national team, elite men (men’s general individual race), Nassim Saidi (single road race / elite men), the junior national team (team road race), Riad Bakhti (junior individual road race). The junior national team for women (road race according to teams), Hamza Ammari (individual time trial under 23 years of age for men), Nesrine Houili (personal time trial under the age of women) and the junior national team for men (race against time according to teams).

The Algerian team also snatched nine silver medals, thanks to Anas Riahi (children’s road race, single cubs), Nesrine Houili (women’s single road race under 23 years old), Sihem Bousabeh (single road race women’s middles) and Saleh Charki .

The Algerian national team (junior-senior) for mountain bikes will compete in the 2022 Arab Championship for specialization, scheduled for Sunday and Monday in Sharjah.

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