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215 journalists targeted by the Zionist entity in the West Bank and El-Quds in 2022

Nearly 215 Palestinian journalists were targeted by Zionist forces in the West Bank and occupied El-Quds during the year 2022, an Arab organisation said.

In a statement issued on Monday on the occasion of the National Day of the Palestinian Wounded, celebrated on March 13 every year, the Committee to Support Journalists said that Palestinian journalists “work in dangerous conditions due to the continuous targeting of the (Zionist) occupation, as 215 journalists were targeted in the West Bank and El-Quds last year.

“The occupation continues using internationally banned weapons against Palestinians in general and journalists in particular on a daily basis, increasing the number of martyrs and injuries,” the committee denounced.

According to the same source, “the Zionist army uses live ammunition, rubber bullets, toxic gas bombs, pepper spray and sound bombs to prevent journalists from doing their job”.

The source added that these actions have caused “injuries to a number of journalists and led to permanent disabilities, affecting their professional lives, despite wearing press shields with the (press) sign on them”.

It underlined that “last May witnessed the highest rate of targeting and injuries of journalists, with the total number of injuries reaching about 54 journalists in El-Quds and the West Bank”.

The Beirut-based committee, called on human rights organisation to “put under the spotlight the suffering of the injured Palestinian journalists and provide them with care”, calling on the organisations to work to “hold the occupation accountable for the crimes it has committed against the Palestinian journalists”.

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