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3 oxygen generator plants delivered to Setif University Hospital and Pediatric pole.

University Hospital Mohamed Abdenour Saâdna and the pediatric pole “kaaboub” in Sétif city received today three oxygen generation plants, sector officials said on Thursday.

The same source confirmed that two plants (2) were recently received by the University Hospital Center and the third by the pediatric pole “kaaboub” after they were acquired by local economic operators under the supervision of the Chamber of industry and Commerce “Al-Hidab” for the benefit of these two medical centers, which experience a large influx of patients.

Several hospitals of different cities in north and south of the province are expecting to receive their own oxygen generator plants soon.

These new oxygen generator plants will help strengthen the state hospitals with this substance and help medical staff to care for patients with covid-19 who need oxygen in hospitals.

This operation reflects the cohesion of the Algerian people and contributes to the promotion of a culture of solidarity and strengthening the bonds of unity among people especially during this extraordinary situation the country is facing as a result of the outbreak of the new Coronavirus (covid-19).

Several solidarity initiatives have been undertaken across Setif province to support hospitals with oxygen and breathing devices, such as the delivery to Ain Azal hospital of 50 smart oxygen concentrators and 100 blood oxygen measuring devices by Covid-19 crisis management cell of the same city.

A large solidarity campaign was launched at the initiative of the civil society coordination of the municipality of Ain EL Kabira (North Setif) in order to provide the city hospital with an oxygen generator plant as well as to provide the department of medical resuscitation at the University Hospital Center Mohamed Abdenour Saâdna in Setif city with 11 oxygen bottles of large size.

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