3 people died and 411 others injured in traffic accidents in urban areas within a week

Three (3) people were killed and 411 others were injured in 342 road traffic accidents reported by National Security Services at urban level during the period between June 15 and 21, i.e. within a week.

The relevant data indicate that the causes of these accidents are primarily due to the human factor with a percentage of more than 97%, as a result of non-respect of traffic code, failure to observe safety distance, excessive speed, fatigue and lack of concentration when driving, in addition to other reasons related to the vehicle.

In this context, the General Directorate of National Security renewed its call to public road users to respect the traffic code and to exercise caution while driving.

The same directorate also placed at the disposal of citizens the green number 1548 and the emergency line 17, to receive notifications 24 hours a day.

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