5 new fires broke out in forests of Khenchela

Civil Protection in the province of Khenchela reported that 5 new fires broke out in the forests of the municipalities of Tamza, Chilia and Bouhamama, according to a statement issued today, Wednesday, by the Information and Communication Cell of the Civil Protection.

First Lieutenant, Mohamed Yazid Mergad, in charge of information and communication at the province’s Directorate of Civil Protection, explained that efforts to extinguish forest fires are still continuing for the fourth consecutive day in the regions of Ain Mimoun in Tamza and Kamouda in Chilia, while this evening, five new fires broke out in the forests of Soumaat, Kibas and Tasyouwin in Tamza as well as Karn el Kebch, Chilia and Jaair  in Bouhamama.

The same source added that the civil protection and forestry agents, who managed to put out the fires through 12 controlled spots, drew up a new work plan this evening, in which the firefighting teams were divided into several groups in order to prevent the flames from approaching homes of residents living in the forests’ surroundings.

According to the same speaker, efforts are being made to prevent the spread of fires in Jaarir area in the municipality of Bouhamama, as part of an effort to protect thousands of hectares of apple trees owned by farmers in Malago Plain area in the same local community.

The person in charge of information at the State Directorate of Civil Protection indicated that public company “Cosider” has mobilized 15 bulldozers in addition to heavy machinery used by elements of the National People’s Army, to open the forest paths and facilitate the intervention process for the civil protection and forestry agents to put out the fires burning in the forests of the municipalities of Tamza, Bouhamama and Chilia.

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