A budget of 350 billion Dinars (BN DA) granted to salary increases in the civil service

A budget of 350 billion dinars (bn DA) has been allocated, within the framework of the 2023 Finance Act, to cover salary increases for civil service workers, Abdelaziz Fayed, director general of the budget at the Ministry of Finance, said on Thursday in Algiers.

Speaking to the press on the sidelines of the ceremony to hand over budget allocations to the various ministerial departments and public enterprises under the 2023 Finance Act, Fayed said that a budget of around 350 BN DA has been allocated to cover salary increases for 2.8 million civil service workers.

Fayed also said that the same budget will be allocated during 2024 to cover the salaries of civil servants, explaining that this revaluation will be paid next March with retroactive effect from January 2023.

Regarding the way the salary increases will be implemented, he said the authorities have decided to review the number of index points by adding 75 points in 2023 and another 75 in 2024. “We did not opt for the value of the index point, because this measure will mainly benefit the highest salaries. But with this index point increase formula, it is the lowest salaries that will benefit from this revaluation,” he explained.

It is also planned, within the framework of the 2023 Finance Act, “the unfreezing of more than 300 public projects blocked since 2014 and 2015,” said the same official.

Reassuring that “the state will proceed gradually to the unfreezing of projects frozen following the crisis of 2014,” he said the allocation under the Finance Act 2023 of a financial envelope of about 120 billion DA to the unfreezing of projects that concern several socio-economic sectors, citing in particular education, health, transport, public works and culture.

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