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A medical study warns against drinking coffee with painkillers

A medical study conducted by researchers at the University Of Washington School Of Medicine warned against consuming coffee while taking medical drugs, especially painkillers.

The study stated that coffee can interact with the action of drugs, as the effect may be suppressed or intensified by coffee.

The researchers examined the effect of coffee on people who consumed Paracetamol, and coffee increased the rate of absorption of the analgesic and antipyretic substance, which led to a higher dose than the patient needed. However, the study found no evidence that it approached toxic levels.

The researchers attributed part of this effect to the fact that coffee dissolved “paracetamol” at a faster rate than water or body fluids. The study also shed light on the effect of coffee on the liver, and on drugs that target the liver, noting that some drugs maybe more affected by the existing caffeine in coffee as a stimulant drug, which can be amplified by the stimulant effect of caffeine

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