AADL Housing: reception of fourth payment orders, in anticipation of the delivery of 30,000 units next November

The process of withdrawing orders to pay the fourth part for the benefit of about 30,000 subscribers to the rental housing program “AADL”, started today, Tuesday, in anticipation of handing over the keys to their apartments, starting from the beginning of next November.

The Director-General of the National Agency for Housing Improvement and Development “AADL”, Faiçal Zitouni, explained in a press conference organized on the occasion, that the agency, through its electronic platform, began delivering orders to pay for the last half of the housing price, for the benefit of 29,671 housing.

Thus, the underwriters will be able to go to the notary to complete the latest procedures before actually receiving the keys to the apartments, as part of the major process of housing distribution organized on the occasion of the celebration of the Revolution Day next November 1st.

In addition, at the beginning of November, the AADL Agency will pour about 30,000 certificates of allocation in 28 provinces, including 1400 certificates in the province of Bejaia, about 700 certificates in the province of Annaba, 1,000 certificates in the province of Souk Ahras and 189 certificates in the province of El-Oued, according to the Director General.

In response to a question related to the appeals, Mr. Zitouni confirmed that 8,000 appeals were accepted with payment orders given, out of 16,000 appeals registered at the level of the electronic platform designated for this.

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