AADL: Launch of a digital platform for processing appeals

National Agency for Housing Improvement and Development (AADL) launched today a digital platform for processing and studying appeals, intended for subscribers who have not paid the first installment. The agency indicated in a press release that the submitted appeals for those who have not paid the first installment will be done exclusively via the platform.

The housing agency indicated that submitting appeals will be exclusively throughout this platform by logging with the serial number and password, and then automatically the filter of the specific nature of refusal for which the file was rejected will be recognized.

AADL added that after identifying the nature of the refusal of the file, the person concerned sends electronically his/her appeal, supported by the required documents, , and after sending the file, the appellant receives an SMS confirming that the appeal has been well received. After the examination of the appeal, which is supervised by a competent commission, the appellant will be informed directly, via SMS, of the outcome of his appeal.

Finally, the Agency affirmed that the use of the digital platform and the various electronic applications that it had previously launched aims at simplifying administrative procedures and allowing subscribers to send their files electronically.

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