AFP slip up switches separatist movements to respectable organization

Algerian news website “l’évenement” described as a slip up the misstep of French News Agency Agence France-Presse (AFP) that switched organizations known for their subversive activities, such as the “MAK” and “Rachad”, into respectable organizations, even pro-democracy.

The article published on the website with the title “Agence France Presse slip ups” stated that it is deplorable to note that a press agency ranked among the three “world” agencies, allows itself to fall in an immoral ” slip up ” of professionalism, which it has always claimed to defend, by relaying declarations of a leader of a separatist organization, well-known for its subversive activities and attacks on the cohesion and unity of Algerian people.

AFP’s slip-up on Monday 26 April is damaging its image as the dean of news agencies, which refrains from relaying declarations of “professional” political agitators, known for their separatist speeches.

The French press agency, remains silent in front of the ferocious repression of Sahrawi citizens in the cities occupied by a monarchy that permits itself all kind of excesses in these territories, under the high protection of the Elysée and does everything to ignore the repression that hit Rif Hirak.

By reporting long speeches of the head of this Paris-based separatist organization, AFP does not hide its sympathy for this separatist movement. However, when it comes to Basque or Corsican pro-independence political organizations, the majority of the French media do not hesitate to call them terrorist organizations.

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