Agriculture: Prime Minister gives instructions to regularly update the mapping of national production

Prime Minister Aïmene Benabderrahmane gave, during the government meeting held Saturday in Algiers, instructions for the regular updating of the mapping of the national agricultural production in order to effectively regulate the market.

Mr. Benabderrahmane “has instructed the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development to ensure regular updating of the mapping of national agricultural production and that relating to storage capacity,” said the Prime Minister’s office in a statement. This will allow institutions and bodies to regulate the market in an “effective and controlled” way and therefore ensure a regular supply of the national market while preserving the purchasing power of citizens, says the same source.

These instructions were given following a presentation made by the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development on the evaluation of the role of the Syrpalac device (System of regulation of widely consumed agricultural products).

The presentation focused on the modus operandi of Syrpalac especially in terms of storage and destocking operations of the main agricultural products as well as the monitoring and evaluation of these operations.

It also focused on the actions taken by the agricultural sector to ensure regular supply and sufficient quantities of the national market in potatoes, especially during periods where the supply of fresh products is not yet available, added to the statement.

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