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“Al Jaich” magazine: Algeria is on the “right” path towards building a “strong” state

“Al Jaich” magazine affirmed, in the editorial for its August issue, that the new Algeria is “on the right path towards building a strong state,” adding that thinking about dividing the country, questioning the unity of people, or compromising an inch of the national territory, is “a kind of fantasy and madness.”

In this context, the editorial entitled “Serving Algeria is a pride passed on from generation to generation,” indicated that for Algeria to “remain an obstacle to its enemies, whether countries or individuals, all the measures, decisions and achievements made in the new Algeria target two important things, the first is to protect the homeland from current and potential threats and risks in a world marked by severe changes and armed conflicts all the more so that our region is beset by threats from which only the intelligent, strong, and most coherent can escape and the second is to serve the benefit of the Algerian citizens so that they can lead a decent life and enjoy welfare in order for Algeria to remain always sovereign in its decisions far from any bargaining or blackmail from any party, regardless of its power or influence.”

Because the nation’s defense, support and development are organized around the People’s National Army, the new Algeria – as contained in the editorial – “is on the right path towards building a strong state that possesses the keys that enable it to access many fields and sectors, address crises and remnants of the past, and confront all kinds of deviations adopted by perverted people who have strayed from their ways and practice intimidation, distortion and lies.”

It stressed that thinking about dividing the homeland, questioning the unity of the people, or compromising one inch of the national territory, “is a kind of fantasy and madness, because these fools and traitors are ignorant of history and are ignorant of the nature of the Algerian human being and do not appreciate its reaction if they try to harm Algeria.”

The editorial did not miss the occasion to mention that Algeria “is endeavoring to strengthen our army and develop the capabilities of our armed forces on solid foundations and firm constants, to ensure excellence in many fields and protect the country from all potential threats and dangers,” noting that the quick and long steps taken by People’s National Army until now on the path of multi-disciplinary development, thanks to the continuous support provided by the President of the Republic, the Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces, the Minister of National Defense, and the Lieutenant-General, Chief of Staff of the National People’s Army, “are capable of thwarting all conspiracies and plots, whatever their nature or source.”

The magazine quoted, in this regard, Lieutenant-General Said Chengriha’s statement when he stressed that Algeria “will not accept any threat from any party, nor will it yield to any party, regardless of its power.”

The editorial of “Al Jaich” magazine concluded by saying that serving Algeria “remains a pride that is passed on by generations from the origin (the National Liberation Army) to the descendant (People’s National Army), because simply every land has a good seed and the seed of Algeria is its People’s National Army, the shield of the nation and the protector of the homeland.”

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