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Algeria Cabinet meeting – full text -.

The President of the Republic, Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces and Minister of National Defense, Mr. Abdelmadjid Tebboune, chaired, today, Sunday, December 19, 2021, a meeting of the Council of Ministers devoted to examining and approving draft laws related to the sectors of justice and scientific research, as well as a presentation on the development of agricultural production.

After the opening of the session by the President of the Republic, the Council heard a presentation by the Prime Minister, the Minister of Finance, on government activity in recent weeks.

The President gave the following directives and instructions:

First: Regarding the draft organic law, which defines the methods for electing members of the Supreme Judicial Council, and the rules for its organization and work:

The President of the republic hailed the formation of the Supreme Judicial Council, within the draft organic law, which he considered one of the finest steps to establish the independence of the judiciary.

He stressed the importance of observing the role of this body in consolidating the independence of the judiciary.

Second: Regarding the creation of a new form of companies named (Simple Joint Stock Companies):

Emphasizing that creating a new form of companies in the startups sector aims to encourage young people to invest and provide more incentives for this category.

Mobilizing financial resources to invest in these companies within an economic dynamic that is developing away from a purely administrative and unmotivated logic.

Pushing the positive vision of implementing an effective economic policy and liberating initiatives from obstacles and the burden of procedures.

The necessity of completely liberating the initiative and allowing project holders to access the world of economy, without barriers or restrictions, expanding the spirit of investment and creativity as a main driver of development.

Forming a working group to review the commercial law, in order to adapt it to the requirements of the economic reforms taking place in the country, and to ensure that it keeps pace with developments of commercial activities.

Third: Regarding the general rules related to higher education:

A more efficient organization of the university, by defining internal regular rules that are compatible with the various university disciplines.

Taking into account the independence of universities, within the general rules of higher education.

Emphasizing the necessity of keeping the university away from all ideologies, as it is a space for science, innovation and development.

The necessity for every change in the university’s operating systems to coincide with the beginning of the university year, and not during it, in order to preserve the good progress of university studies.

Fourth: Regarding the development of agricultural production and the reduction of food dependency:

Developing an operational vision, according to the peculiarity of the Algerian agriculture, based on the agricultural reality instead of academic theories.

Revising the restructuring and organization of the agricultural administration, centrally, regionally and locally, according to a reformist view that takes prioritiesinto account.

Strengthening milk production structures, to better control its production and distribution, especially in major cities.

Encouraging investment in the agricultural sector, according to a new vision, especially insouthern provinces, where water is available, and the fertile lands are unexploited.

Reconsidering the experiences and role of model farms, to achieve added value in the sector, centrally, regionally, and locally.

Creating a statistical system that relies on modern technologies and Algerian competencies, which allows obtaining accurate scientific data to be exploited prospectively.

Before the session was adjourned, the Council of Ministers approved a number of individual decisions related to the appointment and termination of tasks in senior positions in the state.

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