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Algeria chairs the group in charge of developing the popular dimension of the Arab League

The representative of the General Secretariat of the Arab League Khamis El Bouzidi announced Sunday, in Oran, that Algeria chairs the group in charge of developing the Arab League’s popular dimension, which is one of its priorities for the development of the joint Arab action system.

In his speech during the proceedings of the Intergenerational Communication Forum in support of joint Arab action, Mr. Al-Bouzidi highlighted that the fourth group was formed to develop the popular dimension of the Arab League in the system of joint Arab action headed by Algeria, which is now working on preparing the final formulation of unified standards that must be met by Arab civil society organizations by giving them the status of observer in the organs and mechanisms of the Arab League, which will document the organization’s relations with civil society institutions and pave the way for the latter to keep pace with the process of joint Arab action and take stock of the progress achieved in strengthening inter-Arab relations.

He added that based on the belief of the Arab League in the “important and prominent” role that civil society institutions can play, the Arab League continues to see its role as a comprehensive platform for coordinating policies, initiatives and strategies that touch the core of the living reality of the Arab citizen in the economic, social and cultural fields, through ministerial councils.

The organization of this forum, with the participation of different generations, united by interest in the process of joint Arab action and sincere willingness to develop it, the same speaker adds, reflects a “deep awareness” of the size of the challenges facing the Arab region, which requires an interactive dialogue based on a participatory approach governed by a number of constants, the most important of which is “commitment to the principle of enhancing Arab national security.”

Regarding the Oran Forum, Mr. Al-Bouzidi noted that the meeting will be held a few weeks before the Arab summit in Algeria, during which “coordination will continue to secure all the means for its success in a way that responds to the aspirations of the Arab peoples and keeps pace with the current developments on the international scene, including the challenges they pose, in harmony with all Arab countries, especially Algeria, which will host the proceedings of this session, coinciding with its celebrations of the 68th anniversary of the outbreak of the glorious liberation revolution.

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