Algeria Cycling Tour 2023: Start of the fourth stage from Biskra to Batna (114.5 km)

After a short trip to the doors of the Sahara, the peloton of the Algerian Cycling Tour (ACT-2023) is heading north of the country with the fourth stage taking place on Friday between Biskra and Batna over a distance of 114.5 km.

The kickoff of this fourth stage was given at 11:00 am from the APC of Biskra with a peloton composed of 85 riders, in a race that promises to be difficult as the wind has shown up for the occasion.

The riders will therefore head towards the city of Batna with a lot of apprehension, passing through El Kantara, Ain Touta, and Oued Chaaba.

The third and longest stage (176 km) of ACT-2023, held on Thursday between Boussaada and Biskra, saw the final sprint victory of Algerian cyclist Youcef Reguigui from the Malaysian team “Terengganu Polygon”, ahead of Italian cyclist Alessio Portello (Q.36.5 Continental Cycling) and his teammate Malaysian Mohd Harif Saleh.

This third stage also crowned the young Italian Manuel Oioli of the (Q.36.5 Continental Cycling) team, who donned the yellow leader’s jersey and retained the white jersey for the best hope (U23).

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