Algeria FINTECH and E-Commerce Summit

Under the patronage of the Minister of Post and Telecommunications, the Minister of Knowledge and Startups Economy, and the Minister of Digitalization and Statistics, in partnership with the Algerian Group of Digital Actors (GAAN), “Guiddini” is organizing the “ALGERIA FINTECH & E-COMMERCE SUMMIT” on February 18th and 19th, 2023, at the Abdelatif Rahal International Conference Center.

This event aims to connect actors in the financial technology and e-commerce sector in Algeria and contribute significantly to the government’s objectives by promoting the development of e-commerce and online payment activity.

In addition, the summit offers an opportunity to establish privileged relationships with potential partners and customers and position itself as an essential space for constructive debates on current Fintech and E-commerce topics.

The event is open to all private or public entities that are part of the financial technology and e-commerce ecosystem, such as financial institutions, banks, insurance companies, web merchants, startups, hosting companies, delivery and logistics service providers.

It is also designed for visitors passionate about e-commerce and payment technology who want to meet with major financial institutions in Algeria and participate in practical conferences and workshops on different themes.

The event’s organizers promise to communicate all suggestions from industry stakeholders to the relevant authorities to advance digitalization and e-commerce, especially financial technology, in Algeria.

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