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Algeria “firmly” condemns two terrorist attacks in Burkina Faso

Algeria “firmly” condemned the two terrorist attacks that targeted a combat unit in northern Burkina Faso and civilians in the south of the country, leaving dozens of soldiers, volunteers, and civilians dead and wounded, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and National Community Abroad said Tuesday in a statement.

“Algeria firmly condemns the two terrorist attacks that targeted, on Sunday 29 and Monday 30 January 2023 in Burkina Faso, a combat unit in Falagountou (north of the country) and civilians in the Cascades region (south of the country), leaving dozens of soldiers, volunteers and civilians dead and wounded,” the statement reads.

“While expressing its sympathy and solidarity with Burkina Faso in these painful circumstances, Algeria, as coordinator of the African Union on the prevention and fight against terrorism and violent extremism in Africa, stresses the need to place the fight against this scourge at the top of the international agenda at the present time and to adopt a global and multilateral approach that strengthens the preventive dimension and tackles the factors that fuel terrorism and violent extremism,” the same source adds.

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