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Algeria, Italy to implement new extremely important gas pipeline project in short time 

The President of the Republic, Abdelmadjid Tebboune said Monday in Algiers that the new gas pipeline project between Algeria and Italy was of “extreme importance” and “will be completed in a short time” to allow Algeria to export electricity, ammonia, and hydrogen in addition to gas.

Speaking at a press conference with the President of the Italian Council of Ministers, Giorgia Meloni, President Tebboune said that ” the time needed to implement this project is up to the technicians’ estimation. Nevertheless, I believe it will be short, especially as we have agreed on the gas pipeline project and signed an agreement on it today, for the launch of the study and then the implementation.

After recalling that this pipeline will carry gas, electricity, hydrogen and ammonia, President Tebboune reaffirmed “the extreme importance of this project, which will make Italy a hub for the distribution of these energy products to Europe.

The President of the Republic also praised the strategic cooperation between the two countries in the energy field. President Tebboune added that Algeria “is considered a main supplier and we want to move to a new level with the Italians as Italy will be a hub for the distribution of energy (electricity, gas, ammonia and hydrogen) to Europe.

Meloni stressed the importance of her working and friendship visit to Algeria, which comes on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the signing of the Treaty of Friendship and Good Neighbourliness between the two countries, adding that her country sought to “increase Algerian gas exports to Italy and, consequently, from Algeria to Europe”.

Meloni: Algeria well on track to become an energy leader in Africa and the world

She said that Algeria and Italy were studying the implementation of a new pipeline that would also allow the transport of hydrogen and electricity, stressing that her country wished to diversify its partnership with Algeria, particularly in the fields of digital infrastructure, communications, biomedicine, industry and renewable energy.

The Italian official added that in the context of the energy crisis that Europe is going through, Algeria can “become a leader at the African and global levels, and Italy is the gateway for the supply of this energy to Europe”.

In response to a question on the new Algerian law on investment, the President of the Italian Council of Ministers said that this legal framework will boost foreign and Italian investment in Algeria, indicating that “several Italian companies wish today to establish projects in Algeria, which is an important country and a strategic partner”.

“We consider Algeria as a very important partner in the framework of the Mattei Plan for Africa, an ambitious project launched by the Italian government and based on a model of cooperation at equal distance with the countries of the southern shore of the Mediterranean, in order to transform several current crises into new opportunities and potential,” she added.

Mrs. Meloni expressed the willingness of the Algerian and Italian parties to establish a cooperation model able to achieve a successful cooperation for both parties, stressing that Algeria is considered as Italy’s first trade partner on the African continent.

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