Algeria Post network will be supported by 600 new automated teller machines (ATM) this year

The minister of Post and Telecommunications, Karim Bibi Triki, said on Tuesday in Algiers, that the Algeria Post network will be supported by 600 new automated teller machines (ATM) during the current year.

The Minister said during a hearing before the transport and Communications Commission of the National People’s Assembly that Algeria’s postal network includes “4123 post offices and 65 mobile post offices, in addition to 1408 desk offices,” adding that “the capacities will be supported within the framework of the 2022 program with the acquisition of 600 new ATM, which constitutes an increase of 42 percent”.

In 2022, “14 new post offices will be received, while restoration and modernization works will be conducted on 113 offices” adding that 57 offices acquired from outside the sector will be converted into post offices.

The Minister added that the sector recorded “a remarkable development in the various indicators of cash operations and electronic payment between 2020 and 2021”, highlighting that withdrawals operation performed via ATM have seen “an increase of 43 percent in 2021 compared to 2020 in terms of amounts and an increase of 33 percent in terms of the number of operations”.

Addressing the situation of internet communications and the plan of action to improve it, the Minister stressed that “the results of public policies adopted in the field of digital inclusion are aimed at ensuring the availability and accessibility of information and communication technologies for the benefit of most citizens”.

In this context, he said that the total number of high-and very high-flow internet subscribers in Algeria is “constantly evolving and currently stands at about 4 million landline internet subscribers and about 41.261 million mobile internet subscribers”.

In this context, the minister stressed that his sector is working on “developing the capacity of the internet and its modernization”, in addition to “improving coverage and ensuring the quality of services provided in the mobile phone market by completing the process of deploying the fourth generation in the provinces of the country according to the specific calendar and the conditions contained in the books of customer conditions”.

The Minister concluded that the ministry seeks to “develop means of communication that allow to meet the needs of Algeria through the diversification of links and access points at the international level in order to secure and ensure the continuity of telecommunications services, such as upgrading the capabilities of existing systems of links via sea cables.

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