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Algeria Prime Minister Abdelaziz Djerad: Government supports innovators is pivotal to modern economy.

Prime Minister Abdelaziz Djerad stressed Saturday the government’s commitment to support innovators, pivotal to the building of a modern economy.

The Algerian government has decided “to support innovators wherever they are,” Djerad said via videoconference to participants at the regional conference on startups in the west of the country (ORAN DISRUPT 2021), adding that “organizing series of regional conferences on Startups show our deep conviction of the existence of Algerian talents in all regions and provinces.”

Djerad affirmed that the meeting confirms once again that the government is giving full attention to emerging companies. He said “We believe that innovation is the only way to build a modern economy based on the scientific capabilities of our young people.”

The prime minister pointed out that “our country needs today companies that create wealth and attract skilled experts from the Algerian University.”

The country “needs their skills and their innovation, the only engine for economic development in all regions of the world.”

Djerad added that the government “had set a clear roadmap for a rapid transition to a knowledge-based economy, as part of the implementation of the President of the Republic’s program.”

He also stressed the need to intensify efforts and involve all actors, based in Algeria or abroad, to achieve this objective.

In the same spirit, he pointed out that the building of the new Algeria will take place only with the participation of all, stressing “there is no place in the global economy today for countries that do not innovate”.

In this regard, Algeria PM referred to the government’s efforts, displayed in the establishment of a regulatory framework for startups, including the creation of an investment fund to ensure smooth financing of innovative projects, in addition to tax incentives, initiated under the new Finance Act 2021.

Speaking on the first startups acceleration that had already been launched, the Prime Minister announced the upcoming creation of its annexes in all regions of the country, in order to “support the innovation ecosystem in Algeria”.

Mr. Djerad also expressed the hope that the meetings on startups allow the involvement of the largest number of universities, believing that the university is “the cradle of innovative ideas and a source of scientific and technological skills, and undoubtedly contributes to the emergence of a new generation of entrepreneurs, teachers, engineers and researchers.

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