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Algeria Prime Minister: Exploiting existing structures before applying for the registration of new projects

The Prime Minister, Minister of Finance, Aïmene Benabderrahmane, stressed on Saturday in Algiers, the imperative of exploiting the existing non-exploited structures in the various sectors before requesting the registration of new projects, and this as part of the government’s strategy to rationalise the management of public funds.

Benabderrahmane in response to the concerns on the 2022 finance bill of MPs at a plenary session, led by president of the Parliament’s Lower House, Brahim Boughali, in the presence of members of the government, insisted on the need for an effective and efficient use of all existing structures before requesting the registration of new unjustified projects.

“Stop registering new projects when we haven’t yet exploited all our achievements,” he said.

The Prime Minister cited in this context the Higher Education sector “which asks each year for the registration of new projects for the construction of universities and university halls of residence, while tens of thousands of beds and teaching seats are not yet in use”, structures which cost the state money for their maintenance.

He also pointed to “the health sector, which is not making proper use of its capacity despite having a significant budget as the quality of services that do not follow expenditure level.

Mr Benabderrahmane referred to the forthcoming economic census which “will make it possible to identify national capacities so that programmes can be registered for the benefit of sectors with a deficit and not for sectors that witness saturation of infrastructures and are many at present ” he said.

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