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Algeria wins permanent membership in the Executive Council of the Arab Broadcasting Union

The General Assembly of the Arab Broadcasting Union, held in the Saudi capital, Riyadh, at its 41st session, renewed its confidence in Algeria at the helm of the Arab Center for the Exchange of Programs and News, based in Algiers, where Algeria won 12 votes against 04 votes for Jordan.

Algeria also won the permanent membership of the executive council of the federation, and the membership of the director general of Algerian television, Chabane Lounakel, of the executive council for the years 2022/2023.

The General Assembly of the Union witnessed the election of the President of the Saudi Radio and Television Corporation, Mr. Mohammed Fahad Al-Harthi, as the President of the Arab Radio and Television Union for a third term, and the election of Professor Mohsen Karim Slimani as Director of the Arab Center for Exchange of Programs and News for a second term of four years, and Slimane Abderrahim as Director General of the Union.

The Saudi Authority’s hosting of the meetings of the Arab States Broadcasting Union aims to invest in the opportunities that are available through the great change in the media industry profession and its rapid developments, and to launch initiatives in the transfer of knowledge and new experiences and facing and overcoming major problems through a media industry that mixes experience and foresight for the future and come up with recommendations and results, keeping pace with aspirations, unifying media vision, refining expertise, contributing to knowledge and professional enrichment in the Arab world, and encouraging creators on the same level. In one of the sessions, a seminar was held on the topic of “Arab media dealing with global digital media.”

The work of the meetings of the 41st session of the General Assembly and the 106th meeting of the Executive Council of the Arab States Broadcasting Union, hosted by the Saudi Radio and Television Corporation since December 8, will continue until December 15, with the participation of directors of Arab radio and television institutions, European, Asian and African broadcasting unions and the two Arab centers for the exchange of news and training.

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