Algerian Cycling Tour 2023: BouSaada-Biskra, longest stage of the Tour over 176 km

The Algerian Cycling Tour ACT-2023 will start on Thursday the third and longest stage of the race on a distance of 176 km, between the oasis of Bou-Saada and Biskra where the riders of the Algerian teams involved will try to stay on the podium, as Team Madar.

The second stage disputed on Wednesday over a distance of 121 km between Bordj Bou Arréridj and M’sila, was won in a sprint by the Algerian Hamza Yacine, member of Team Madar with a lap time of 2h58m 28sec ahead of his compatriot Youcef Reguigui of the Malaysian team “Terengganu Polygon” and the Russian Sergei Rostovtsev of the Turkish team “Beykoz Belediyesi Spor Kulubu”.

The Green jersey of the best sprinter went consequently to Team Madar’s Hamza Yacine, whereas Dutch rider Quaedvelieg Lars took the yellow jersey of leader. The white jersey of the best young rider remains on the shoulders of the Italian Oioli Manuel, whereas the polka dot jersey of the best climber was taken by the Eritrean Yamane Dawit.

The Algerian cyclist said that “it was a very windy and difficult stage, my team did what was necessary to put me in the best conditions to win”.

The first stage of the ACT-2023, a 4.1km prologue run on Tuesday in the town of Bordj Bou Arreridj, was won by German rider Adrian Callies of the “Embrace the World Cycling” team in 5m19sec ahead of Dutch rider Lars Quaedvelieg (5m24sec) of the “Universe Cycling Team” and Italian rider Manuel Oioli (5m25sec) of the Italian “Q36.5 Continental Cycling Team”.

92 cyclists will take part in this Tour where Algeria is represented by the national team and four teams, namely Team Madar, Majd El Guerara, NRDI Dely-Ibrahim and Amel El Malah.

The Algerian Cycling Tour is part of the UCI Africa Tour calendar and is governed by the regulations of the FAC and the International Cycling Union. It is placed under the control of a race commissioner and an anti-doping inspector.

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