Algerian Economy Renewal Council: The draft investment law will contribute to “attracting investments”

The Council for Algerian Economic Renewal (CREA) welcomed on Friday the adoption of the draft law on investment, considering that this new text will contribute “to draining investments”, creating added value and jobs, said a press release issued by the employers’ organization.

While welcoming the adoption in a special meeting of the Council of Ministers of the bill on the promotion of investment, the CREA wished to salute “the spirit of consultation which prevailed in the preparation of this law with economic partners”.

This (consultation) has made it possible to enrich this law, “to take into account the realities on the ground and will participate in the restoration of investor confidence”, specified the employers’ organization.

Also, the CREA welcomes the consideration of certain proposals, unlike past practices, underlined the organization.

This constitutes for these members “an additional motivation to continue to position themselves as a reliable and constructive interlocutor for the good of our economy” estimated the CREA.

“Well implemented, this new law will help attract investment, create added value and above all create jobs for our fellow citizens”, concludes the CREA.

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