Algerian fashion in the spotlight at the Arab World Institute on March 12th

 The traditional Algerian garment and new creations inspired by it will be at the heart of the “Algerian Fashion at the Arab World Institute” event, scheduled for March 12th at the Arab World Institute -Institut du monde arabe- (IMA) in Paris, with a program of meetings with fashion designers, a fashion show, and screenings.

Initiated by the Arab World Institute and Yasmina Chellali, the dean of fashion designers and creators in Algiers, this event summons Algerian fashion in all its richness, past, present, and future.

 “Algerian Fashion at IMA” plans to bring together Algerian creators such as Rym Menaifi, a designer who showcases her know-how, creativity, and inspiration from traditional dress in a contemporary rendition, Amor Guellil, who has won several awards and has worked in collaboration with Swarovski in Austria, and Hania Zazoua, a stylist and co-founder of Brokk’Art.

The renowned designer and founder of the Yasmina Couture house, who will also present her latest creations on the runway. With a focus on combining Algerian history and tradition with contemporary aesthetics, the event promises to highlight the richness and diversity of Algerian fashion

With a constant search for aesthetics drawn from Algerian history and tradition and a combination of tradition and contemporaneity, Yasmina Chellali will present a fashion show featuring her latest creations at the Arab World Institute after having lit up the catwalks in Algiers, Dubai, Paris, Stockholm, Tunis, and Amsterdam.

As the dean of fashion designers and creators and founder of the Yasmina Couture house, Yasmina Challali is also famous for dressing many celebrities from the world of the arts, including Warda El-Djazaïria, South African singer Miriam Makeba, and actresses Brigitte Bardot and Claudia Cardinale.

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