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Algerian-Qatari Steel Company in Jijel provides more than 1.5 million liters of medical oxygen within a month for health structures

The Algerian-Qatari Steel Company in Bellara (Jijel) managed to provide more than 1.5 million liters of medical oxygen within a month for the benefit of a number of hospitals in the country, according to a company’s statement issued today, Saturday.

Media and communication cell of the Algerian-Qatari Steel Company stated that in light of the increasing need for medical oxygen in various healthcare structures, the Algerian-Qatari Steel Company has endeavored to contribute to the provision of this vital material through the production and distribution of more than 1.5 million liters of medical oxygen to these healthcare structures within  a month time corresponding thus to an average of 50 thousand liters per day.

The company highlighted that this figure (1.5 million liters) was achieved only a month after gas separation unit of Ballara complex came into service, thanks to the “great efforts made by the company’s competencies that worked day and night non-stop to provide this vital liquid to save lives of people infected with Covid-19.”

The same source pointed out that this contribution to the provision of medical oxygen comes from the “human, national, religious and societal duty of the company as a citizen institution.”

It is worth noting that the central authorities chose at the end of last July, the province of Jijel, to be a regional pole that monitors the supply of hospitals of 15 eastern provinces with medical oxygen.

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