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Algerian Radio denies any relation between Constantine Radio Station Director dismissal and broadcasting a song of Diva Fairouz.

Algerian Radio denounced on Friday the “dubious and tendentious” campaign that it has suffered for two days with the aim of tarnishing its image by the broadcasting of “fakenews”, stressing that this campaign comes in the context where Algeria is in the face of “all types of attacks aimed at striking its stability and social cohesion”.

The Algerian Public Radio (EPRS) said in a statement “to be astonished at the dubious and tendentious campaign it has been undergoing for two days with the aim of tarnishing its image as a prestigious and respected national public media, by the dissemination of fakenews which de facto harm their publishers “.

Faced with this tendentious and methodical campaign against the Algerian Radio and its administration, whose interpretation ranges from total ignorance of what happened to the hasty unprofessional conclusions of some with a clear and premeditated intention to harm the image of the Algerian Radio and to settle accounts whose malicious and hateful aims are known only by their authors, the General Directorate of Algerian Radio wishes to present to its kind and faithful listeners and to the Algerian and international public opinion in general that these parties want to deceive, the following clarifications:

  1. Mourad Boukerzaza was never terminated from his working relationship with the Radio but rather dismissed from his functions as director of the local Radio of Constantine.
  2. The end of the functions of Mr. Mourad Boukerzaza as director of the local Radio of Constantine took place following a report drawn up by the institution’s audit and management control body after an inspection visit performed at this station on September 27, 2021
  3. The administration of the Algerian Radio categorically denies any link between the end of functions of the director of the radio station and the broadcast of the song of the Arab diva, Ms. Fairouz, for whom the National Radio has immeasurable respect and esteem
  4. The administration of the Algeria Radio is very surprised by the incredible number of fakenews circulating on this subject, fabricated from scratch and some of which even speak of the dismissal of 4 employees of the Constantine regional station. All the station’s employees perform their duties in a very normal manner and none of them has been terminated or otherwise sanctioned. Any objective investigator will be able to confirm this easily.
  5. Algerian Radio rigorously denounces all vain and desperate attempts to tarnish its image in the international public opinion, particularly among our Christian brothers, by falsely claiming that Algerian Radio adopts an anti-Christian position.

The Algerian Radio recalls that it “stands in the front line in the face of these poisonous attacks, which obviously does not please troubled minds, so it pledges that anything that is brewing against it will never dissuade it from accomplishing its professional and national duty, on the contrary, it will strengthen its determination to stand up to those who want to harm the country and its citizens “.

Since the lies have reached an “unbearable level”, the Algerian Radio “reserves its full right to legally prosecute the perpetrators of this slander”.

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