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Algerian series “Liyam” ranks at the forefront of Arab drama

Algerian series “Liyam”(The days)  was ranked first in the audience’s vote in the Arab Drama Critics Awards, in which some of the most important critics and journalists in the Arab world participated.

The drama “Liyam” directed by Nassim Boumaiza and broadcasted on Algerian television channels, is in competition with a number of Arab series with the participation of Arab drama stars. Despite this, the show was able to win the audience’s poll during the first ten days of Ramadan.

The series “Liyam” surpassed the rest of the series by a large margin, which reflects the quality of the work that was presented, the completeness of its technical elements, the ability to win over the audience and convince them of this artistic achievement.

“Liyam”, the only Algerian series chosen by the organizers of the competition, competes with major Arab dramas that have a history in this field, especially Syrian and Maghreb ones, but despite this, the audience’s opted for the Algerian drama, waiting for the jury to vote on the individual performance of each component in the series, in addition to evaluating the rest of the other Arab works, while the awardees designated a separate competition to evaluate Egyptian works.

The series “Liyam”, directed by Nassim Boumaiza, starring three big names in Algeria; Youssef Sahiri, Kenza Morsli, Rania Sirouti and Boualem Bennani, returning to the screen after a long absence, along with Khaled Benaissa, Rym Takousht, Aziz Boukroni, Fouzi Ben Brahim, Haifa Rahim, Akram Djaghim and other well-known faces, tells a close to the Algerian reality story and touches aspects of life with an artistic outlook characterized by depth, reflecting the amount of effort exerted by technical staff, to present a breakthrough in Algerian drama, which is clearly shown in that work so well received by viewers and the approval of specialists.

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