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Algerian Television promotional trailers for the Ramadan programs grid reached a record number of views on Facebook

The promotional videos for the programs grid for the holy month of Ramadan, posted by Algerian Television on its official Facebook page, achieved its highest number of views and hundreds of thousands of interactions and posts by social media users in Algeria.

Since they were announced only two weeks before the beginning of the holy month of Ramadan, the promos for comedies and dramas are still witnessing an increase and daily interactions by Algerians. The trailer of the Tv show “Timoucha 2” has been viewed over one million 288 thousand times, while the four promotional trailers of the “Achour ten” season 3 reached one million and a half views during the first two weeks of their release, despite being posted on several platforms and other pages with the aim of increasing the view rate, as it is one of the biggest artistic shows to be broadcast during Ramadan in Algeria.

As for dramas, the promotional video for the series “Al-Nafaq” (The tunnel) reached 280,000 views, while the trailer for the series “7 Hajjarat” (7 stones) reached more than a quarter of a million views within only three days of its release on the official Facebook account of Algerian TV.

During this season, the programs grid has plenty of surprises for the Algerian audience, with the introduction of a new vision in the production of programs that are the first of their kind in Algeria, such as “Kuzinat Achour ten” (Achour ten’s kitchen) that combines comedy with the art of cooking, and it is a program hosted by the characters of the show Achour Ten “Al-Nuri” and “Al-Nuria”, as well as, Al-Badji, accompanied by a group of guests, as Ramadan nights count as the most important programs on which Algerian television relies.

During Ramadan 2021, Algerian television relies on a large bucket of drama and comedy series produced by top directors in Algeria, which brought promos only to the Algerian viewer.

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