Algerian Television Unveils its Program Schedules for the Holy Month of Ramadan

Algerian Television unveiled its program schedule for the holy month of Ramadan during a promotional event with the slogan ‘Ramadan with us… gathering and entertainment‘ held at the Abdelatif Rahal International Conference Center. The event was attended by executives and media personnel from the television station in partnership with Algerie Telecom and the Cevital Group, as well as representatives from economic institutions and notable national artistic figures who participated in the productions. The schedule includes dramas, comedies, sitcoms, hidden camera pranks, cooking shows, and talk shows.”

One notable drama series in the lineup is “Harat Al-Shuhada” (Martyrs’ Neighborhood) حارة الشهداء, about a neighborhood where many of its inhabitants were martyred. The series is named after the neighborhood due to the large number of martyrs there. The plot focuses on the conflict between two characters: Sidi Tahar, the owner of the neighborhood who entrusts its management to his son-in-law, Sidi Arabi, who is the son of a martyr and a companion of Al-Mukhtar, and Rafig, a successful but morally corrupt investor who uses cunning and twisted methods. Directed by Mehdi Tsappas, the series consists of 30 episodes.

In addition to the aforementioned works, Algerian television will also air a 30-episode Amazigh-language drama series directed by Dris Benchernine, “Asif Ntzzizuwa” “آسيف نتزيزوا, which promises to be a thought-provoking and emotional journey. The series tells the story of “Baya,” a mother separated from her twin daughters after her husband leaves on the “Harga” boats. She starts a new life with her second husband, “Salem”, but her past and constant search for her daughters follow the daily lives of her twins Hakima and Rosa, each growing up in different circumstances. The events escalate until the mother reunites with her daughters in the end, with Hakima not realizing that she is meeting her mother, while Rosa gets involved with a gang. The police officer Mahfouz’s investigation deciphers the code and finds the link between the twins.

“Izoran” إيزورن is a bilingual series in both Arabic and Amazigh languages, directed by Slimane Boubekeur. The series follows the story of Salem, who is martyred in the field of honor, and his wife Jamila, who gives birth to their child in a remote village away from their families. The child is named Mohamed Nacer, but tragedy strikes on the same night as the war machine starts bombing the small village, causing Jamila to die while giving birth, leaving Mohamed Nacer an orphan. He is then instructed to grow up without his parents and later loses his identity with the death of Nafathma, the midwife who was the only one who knew the boy’s identity.

Regarding sitcoms, the Algerian television announced the series “Al-Amri Wal-Amriyah” “العمري والعمرية”, “Qarajna” “قراجنا”, “Dharra Fi Dachra” “ضرة في الدشرة”, “Isaaf Kom” “إسعاف كوم”, and “Mayna” ماينا.

“The sitcom ‘Al-Amri Wal Amriya’ العمري والعمرية, attempts to address the concerns and anxieties of the Algerian people who struggle with issues of age, tradition, modernity, civilization, and clinging to the past. Al-Amri represents a sample of youth and elderly individuals, while Al-Amriya represents a sample of women in midlife and elderly women. The series combines dreams, foresight, and memory, along with the sitcom ‘Qarajna’.”

The serie “Qarajna” قراجنا is about a family that lives in one of the suburbs, where the Said family shares their love for mechanics and their passion for a family garage project. Said, who has completed his contract as a chief mechanic on a cargo ship, Saida, a university professor who takes care of the electronic side of the garage, and their son Muhammad Ali, a nature lover and animal enthusiast who is struggling with the pressure of his baccalaureate exams. The package also includes other works, including the sitcom “Darra Fi Dachra”.

“Darra fi Dachara” ضرة في دشرة (Second wife in the village) is another sitcom serie that takes place in a simple village, where a couple named “Makhlouf and Makhloufa” live in harmony and love. Makhlouf, influenced by his loyal friend, marries another woman from Dachara neighborhood. This marriage leads to exciting events in a comedic framework with characters defined by funny and amusing situations. Additionally, there are two other series “Isaaf Kom” and “Mayna.”

Algerian television will also broadcast a hidden camera prank for 30 days during the holy month of Ramadan, titled ماتزعفوش عليا ماتزعفوش عليا”  “Don’t Get Mad at Me.” The show is hosted by comedian Hussein El Djidjli, and aims to test the patience of Algerians in a humorous and entertaining way. The show travels between various Algerian cities and touches on all segments of society. It is a purposeful hidden camera show that respects the privacy of Algerian families and refrains from mocking or offending them.

Algeria television, EPTV, announced the broadcasting of music shows as:

Jarka جاركا, presented by artist Lila Borsali, has succeeded in proving its popularity over previous seasons. The program highlights the importance of Andalusian musical heritage in Algeria, shedding light on its diverse schools. The show features prominent Algerian artists and explores the history of this musical genre, while a musical ensemble accompanies the performances of the artists as they present the most notable Andalusian songs.

Our Night سهرتنا: This program, presented by Shahinaz Baqah and Hamid Achouri and featuring El Ayachi Messili and Islam Boukhtache, will have a large entertainment component. It features the most important names in various fields of Algerian art and creates a lively and entertaining atmosphere for discussions.

Saha Ramdankom صحا رمضانكم is a program that will take you on a journey across the different regions of Algeria, showcasing their unique customs and traditions. The program highlights the richness and diversity of Algeria, particularly during the holy month of Ramadan.

Ramadan Evening عشية رمضان is a brand new show that will take you on a journey across the diverse regions of Algeria, showcasing the rich customs and traditions of its people during the holy month of Ramadan. This captivating program delves deep into Algerian society, highlighting the unique aspects and vibrant cultures of each region in our beautiful country.

Time Travel سفر: Embark on a journey back to the golden era of Algerian cinema and relive the timeless masterpieces of our legendary artists. This program will take you on a nostalgic trip down memory lane, featuring the most iconic works and milestones in Algerian cinema history. Join us as we host some of the greatest faces from the past. Get ready to experience the magic of the bygone era, and immerse yourself in the captivating world of Algerian artistic sphere.”

Answer and Win جاوب واربح is an exciting new program that brings the thrill of outdoor opinion polling to the streets of Algeria’s bustling cities. Each episode presents a series of intriguing questions for the public to answer, with participants selected at random from passersby. The program offers a chance to win exciting prizes with every correct answer. With its engaging format and captivating content, “Answer and Win” is sure to become a must watch during Ramadan.”

The Phoenix الفنيق a variety and cultural show targeting the youth audience, where the audience can experience 90 minutes of entertainment and heritage in a youthful atmosphere. The program consists of several segments as follows:

  • Jawala: Through this segment, we explore the local culture and traditions.
  • Hajiitk Ma Jitk: This segment focuses on the intangible Algerian heritage, represented by the stories and tales passed down from our ancestors, to revive and preserve them.
  • Tourathna: This segment focuses on all aspects of tangible and intangible Algerian heritage.

In addition, the program hosts a different guest from the Algerian artistic community in each episode, representing different regions and music genres. Moreover, the program features an entertaining quiz for the participants.

Join us in “The Phoenix” and let’s celebrate our Algerian heritage and culture in a youthful and entertaining way!

Sawm Bisaha صوم بصحة Fasting Healthily A 26-minute program that sheds light on various health topics related to young people during the holy month of Ramadan, through hosting a specialist doctor in the proposed topic to develop health awareness among young people. The program includes segments such as “True or False”, “Fasting and Sports”, and “Question and Answer”.

The Algerian Television will showcase through its channels talk shows including:

Studio FM استوديو أف أم is a talk show in a light and exciting format, returning for its second season during the holy month of Ramadan on Algerian television channels. Hosted by Amina Karkoud, the program welcomes prominent figures from various fields of life in Algeria and opens up discussions with them on various topics related to their life and professional experiences, as well as other subjects.

Ramadan Show رمضــــان شو: A fascinating talk show that will be featured in the program lineup of Algerian television during the holy month of Ramadan. The program hosts drama and comedy makers and opens the door for bold, transparent, and objective discussions and analysis of Algeria’s most important issues. The show also aims to dissect the reality of the television industry and its obstacles with the experts.

Saha S’horkum صحا سحوركم  is an entertaining variety program that caters to the Algerian family audience. The show is broadcasted during the holy month of Ramadan via Algerian television channels. It features interviews and appearances by well-known television and artistic personalities, who are familiar to Algerian viewers. The program takes you on a nostalgic trip to the golden era of Algerian art, showcasing its rich cultural heritage and diverse musical traditions.

In addition to its cultural content, ” Saha S’horkum ” sheds light on the various customs and traditions of Algerians during the holy month, providing insights into how Algerians celebrate Ramadan both at home and abroad. The program also devotes a segment to cooking, where the best Algerian chefs are invited to share their delicious and unique recipes.

Whether you are an Algerian living in Algeria or abroad, ” Saha S’horkum ” is the perfect show to watch with your family during Ramadan. With its engaging content and diverse segments, the program promises to keep you entertained throughout the holy month.

Rakom Filbal Ma’a Kamal راكم فى البال مع كمال is a 26-minute artistic program that consists of four episodes to be aired during Ramadan 2023. The program features interviews and photoshoot sessions with prominent figures in art, theater, cinema, and music in Algeria, including both those who are still alive and those who have passed away but left a rich legacy in the Algerian artistic scene.

In addition to various cooking programs such as “Alf Bena W Bena”  ألف بنة وبنة One thousand tastes and one, “Albena Fi T’hawissa” البنة في الـتحويسة  Taste in a journey, “Matbakhna” مطبخنا Our Kitchen, “Bladna” بلادنا Our Country, and “CooKids”.

As we eagerly await the arrival of the Holy Month of Ramadan, we feel excited for the diverse range of programs that Algerian Television has in store for you. With a lineup that promises to cater to all ages and interests, there’s no doubt that this Ramadan will be one to remember. So, mark your calendars, set your reminders, and get ready to tune in to Algerian Television for an unforgettable month of faith, entertainment, and enlightenment. Ramadan Kareem!

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