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Algerian TV: Acquisition proposals and program production projects launched

Ministry of Communication

Algerian public television corporation

In the context of enriching its program networks with various programs “dramatic, historical, humorous, religious, youth, documentaries, series, animations..etc,” Algerian television informs audiovisual production institutions about the launch of acquisition proposals and program production projects according to the following formulas:

1 – Acquisition, supported acquisition

2 – External production, co-production

To contact via e-mail:

Programming Directorate: For acquisition projects, supported acquisition: acquisition.prog@entv.dz

Appointment requests shall be deposited at the following link: https://www.entv.dz/production-programmes

Program Production Directorate: For external production and co-production projects: product.prog@entv.dz

Appointment requests shall be submitted to the following link: https://www.entv.dz/acquisition-programmes

Note: Transactions are carried out in accordance with the procedures approved by the Board of Directors on 23 June 2022.

General Directorate

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