Algerian TV announces the end of the first stage of receiving TV program offers

The Algerian Television Corporation announced the end of the first phase of the deadline for receiving TV program offers. It also extended to all producers and operators sincere thanks and gratitude for the huge amount of programs sent by them for inspection and evaluation.

The announcement of the Algerian Television Corporation stated, “The Algerian Television Corporation extends its sincere thanks and gratitude to all producers and operators for the huge number of programs sent by them to our commission for inspection and evaluation. Thanks to your generous giving, it has reached more than 400 works

This requires our organization to announce the expiry of the deadline for the first phase of receiving completed programmes, so that its services have enough time to evaluate future work, through screening processes for production and external production, as well as the acquisition and supported acquisition of broadcast programs (PAD).

The last date for receiving these offers will be from Sunday, October 09, 2022. We inform all producers and operators that a second round will be organized later to receive other offers within this framework.”

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