Algerian TV presents its Ramadan programs to economic operators

The Algerian Public Television presented today, Monday,  the program grid for the holy month of Ramadan to economic operators.

The Algerian TV grid includes various programs such as drama series, varieties, cooking programs as well as cultural, social, religious and entertainment programs.

The Algerian audience will have the chance to watch two new series on the Algerian TV channels (produced by the Algerian TV) during the holy month of Ramadan, which are “Groaning of land” written by Issa Cheriet and directed by Messaoud Al-Ayeb, and “When the Days Hurt Us” directed by Si Faudel Ammar.






As for the social aspect, the Algerian television will be present through several programs, foremost among which: “Qaadat Khdaouej”, which is a gathering in a comic form, with the participation of Sabrina Bougheria, Nawal Zaatar and Noura Ben Zerari, a sitcom entitled “Fiha khir” in a comic form that deals with the phenomenon of divorce that has increased lately and which is directed by Samir Hamel and performed by Hamid Achouri, Samira Sahrawi and Zoubir Balhar, the humorous series “Esaaf Com” and the social program “Mor Wesber” directed by Mahdi Tsabat, in addition to the hidden camera entertainment program “Who am I” by “Jedou Hassan” and directed by Karim Bayet.








As for the cooking programs, they consist of “El Benna fi Tawisa” program, which has a tourist and cultural character and which is aimed at promoting the tourist areas and popular dishes in Algeria, it is directed by Zoubir Mahboub, prepared and presented by Zoubir Becharf, as well as the “Debri Rasek” program directed by Hakim Boudaba.






In culture, the “Jarkah” program by director Samir Ait Lamara focuses on the Haouzi Andalusian art, the most widespread in Algeria, by hosting the giants of this art. On the other hand, the cultural program “Safar”, directed by Ismail Kasir and presented by Amina Ardjan, will host a guest from the artistic community and a prominent figure of the Algerian TV.

As for the live programs, the talk show “Sah Sohourkom” presented to you by Chahinez Bakkah and directed by Halim Tir will address various topics related to the holy month of Ramadan, in addition to the “Min Ramadan Show” program prepared and presented by Mohamed Chammani and Faical Chiban and directed by Rostom Benasser, which tackles day to day events in Ramadan with a group of guests and specialists.

The Arab world has a share on the Algerian television with the “Watani Al Arabi” program that touches on the diversity of the cultures of the Islamic Arab countries and many of the authentic Ramadan customs. The program aims to introduce the cultures of the Arab countries on the occasion of Algeria’s hosting of the Arab Summit 2022, which coincides with the sixtieth anniversary of independence.

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