Algerie Poste: Project to integrate startups and microenterprises as Authorized Electronic Banking Agents.

Algérie Poste announced, in a statement, that the company launches a project that integrates startups and microenterprises as Authorized Electronic Banking Agents. The project is launched under a new strategy aiming at stepping up the generalization and the development of e-payment,”

“This partnership is based on a national acceptance network made up of start-ups and micro-enterprises, selected, trained and approved by Algérie Poste” added Algérie Poste in its communiqué.

This project is another step of Algérie Poste on its path of modernizing and adapting its economic model to modern technological developments.

This plan would “encourage and activate the role of these enterprises in supporting the national economy,” added the same source.

The missions of these “Authorized Electronic Banking Agents” consist of “canvassing and/or accompanying economic operators in the process of contractualization with Algerie Poste for the deployment of electronic payment mechanisms”, “the installation and/or maintenance of electronic payment equipment”, “the integration of e-commerce merchants websites into electronic payment platform of Algerie Poste” “ensuring after-sales services for operators with Algerie Poste’s electronic payment mechanisms.”

Companies interested in this project are invited to download free of charge the specifications via the official website of Algerie Poste

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