Algérie Telecom: Free calls between landline telephones during Eid Al Fitr

Algérie Telecom called on its private customers, today, Tuesday to take advantage of free calls from landline telephones to local and national landlines and calls to mobile networks for 03 DZD / minute instead of 08 DZ / minute, on the occasion of the blessed Eid Al Fitr, indicating that it will guarantee the continuity of its services at the level of commercial agencies during the second day of Eid.

A company communiqué stated that on the occasion of the blessed Eid al-Fitr, “Algérie Telecom offers its warmest congratulations and blessings to all Algerian women and men, wishing them more happiness and prosperity”.

The source added that Algérie Telecom enables its customers, on the other hand, to “share the joy of Eid with their relatives in the diaspora, as they can make calls to international lines for 06 DZD / minute, towards ten (10) destinations, namely: France, Germany, Spain, Italy, United Kingdom, Switzerland, Turkey, China, the United States of America and Canada.

It was pointed out, by the way, that the same company “guarantees the continuity of its services at the level of commercial agencies during the second day of Eid, from 10 AM to 03 PM”, noting that the commercial agencies concerned with this timing at the level of Algiers are Rouiba, Kouba, Bordj El Kiffan, Larbi Ben M’hidi, Ain Naaja, Bir Touta, Ben Aknoun, Ain el Beniane and Bab el oued.

As for the other provinces, the main commercial agencies located in the city’s headquarters are the only ones concerned with the aforementioned timing.

In its communiqué, Algérie Telecom renewed its “commitment” to ensuring the well-being of its customers and strengthening the strategy of rapprochement with them in order to fully meet their aspirations, inviting them and for more information to visit its website:, or to communicate with web consultants via their official account on Facebook: AlgerieTelecom.

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