Algerie Telecom guarantees the continuity of its services during New Year’s Day 2023

Algerie Telecom announced today, Wednesday, that its commercial agencies will ensure the continuity of their services next Sunday, which coincides with the New Year 2023, as working hours will be guaranteed from 09:00 to 15:00.

The company indicated in a statement that the commercial agencies involved in this period are those located in the province of Algiers: “Bordj El-Bahri, Hussein Dey, Bach Djerrah, Ben M’hidi, Aissat Idir, Hydra, Sidi Abdallah, Roustoumia and Bab El-Oued” whereas in other provinces the services are limited to the main commercial agencies (located at the city center).

Algerie Telecom confirmed that, through this procedure, it renews its “commitment and keenness to respond to the aspirations of its customers to the fullest.”

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