Algérie Telecom launches a new package of high-speed internet offers

Algérie Telecom has launched a new package of high-speed internet offers, with the aim of making it “accessible to all homes” at an attractive price, according to the institution.

Algérie Telecom announced that for its customers IDOOM FIBRE + and IDOOM ADSL +, it will start working at a new price on October 6, with the launch of two new offers in which the Internet volume reaches 15 megabytes at the price of 1999 dinars, and the volume of the internet reaches 50 megabytes for only 3599 dinars.

It highlighted, “The new package offered by Algérie Telecom will be opened with an internet size of 10 megabytes at a price of 1600 dinars,” and thus “subscribers with an internet volume of 4 megabytes, equivalent to 2.1 million homes, will be automatically converted to 10 megabytes at the same price estimated at 1600 DA.”

As the same institution explained, the volume of the Internet of up to 20 megabytes will be “at an exceptional price of 2599 dinars, which means 400,000 households who have 10 megabytes of internet will double the flow at the same price.”

And “depending on eligibility” – the same source adds – the customers who are currently subscribed to up to 20 MB will be “automatically transferred to the new offer of up to 50 MB at a price of 3599 DA. In the event that the customer does not qualify for eligibility, the latter will benefit from a special update.” Also, the Internet volume of up to 100 MB in the Idoom fiber service will be at an “attractive price of 6999 DZD instead of 7999 DZD”.

The same source explained that with the spread of various types of connected devices within Algerian families and “the expansion of internet-connected uses, Algérie Telecom is working to modernize the infrastructure and increase its capabilities to enable all its customers to benefit from a better experience.”

The company assures that, by launching this new package of offers, it “remains committed to making high-speed streaming accessible to all homes in Algeria”.

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