Algiers: Closing of all entertainment, leisure and rest spaces for 10 days

The governor of the povince of Algiers took a number of preventive measures yesterday, Thursday aimed at protecting citizens from the spread of the Coronavirus, due to the development of the epidemiological situation and after the decisions issued by the country’s higher authorities in the same framework.

These measures, which come into effect from Thursday, January 20, according to a statement by the state, are the precautionary closing for a period of 10 days of all entertainment, leisure and rest spaces at the level of the province of Algiers and the need to wear masks in all departments, public institutions, streets, public facilities, all commercial spaces and means of transportation.

He also called on all departments, institutions, public bodies and various public facilities that attract citizens to take all necessary arrangements to respect the procedure for wearing masks, while strictly adhering to health protocols.

Finally, the same source indicated that failure to comply with these decisions results in the application of the penalties stipulated in accordance with the laws and regulations in force.

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