Algiers: dismantling of a criminal organisation specialising in drug trafficking

The security services of the province of Algiers, represented by the brigade of repression of criminality in the district of the judicial police 03 of El Biar, have dismantled a criminal organization specialized in the traffic of narcotics, indicated, Wednesday, a communiqué of the same services.

Under the permanent supervision of the territorially competent prosecutor’s office, the elements of the same brigade proceeded, after filling search warrants and extending their competences, to the arrest of seven (07) persons aged between 28 and 42 years, including six (06) persons originating from the province of Algiers, the same source indicated.

The affair resulted in the seizure of three (03) kg of narcotics (cannabis), one (01) vehicle and one (01) motorbike used to transport these poisons, seven (07) mobile phones and one (01) prohibited weapon (taser).

After completing the legal formalities, the defendants will be extended before the territorially competent public prosecutor’s office, for the constitution of a criminal organisation specialising in the trafficking and stocking of narcotics (cannabis) with the use of a vehicle and the possession of a prohibited 6th category weapon (taser) without authorization.

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