Algiers International Quran Recitation Prize: 40 countries participate in the 17th edition

Forty (40) countries will participate in the 17th edition of the Algiers International Quran Recitation Prize scheduled for February 17 to 19, as stated by the Ministry of Religious Affairs and Wakfs.

In a statement to APS, the director of Quranic education and competitions, Messaoud Miad, said that the number of countries taking part in this edition which will begin next Thursday is 39 countries whose participation has been confirmed out of 68 invited countries, adding that this competition in which Algeria will take part, will take place by videoconference due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

The Algiers International Quran Recitation Prize previously knew the organization of three competitions at the same time, namely, the international competition, the encouragement competition for young reciters and the national competition. However, the international competition has been brought forward, for this edition to the month of Rajab in parallel with the celebration of Isra and Miraj (The Night Journey).

Regarding the holding of the Algiers International Quran Recitation Prize in the month of Rajab instead of Ramadhan, the same official indicated that this shift was justified by the fact that the reciters and sheikhs of zaouïa will be occupied by the Tarawih prayer.

It is also, he continues, the application of the recommendations of the Coordinating Council for international competitions and prizes bringing together 14 countries that are members of the international competitions and prizes for the recitation of the Quran, which proposed the organization of international competitions outside the holy month while maintaining, on the other hand, national competitions during this holy month.

In this regard, Mr. Miad mentioned the maintenance of the encouragement contest for young reciters in addition to the national contest of recitation of the Holy Quran during the month of Ramadhan. The winners will be distinguished during the 27th night of the holy month.

Regarding the conduct of the competition for the Algiers International Quran Recitation Prize, Mr. Miad indicated that participants from other countries in this competition from February 17 to 19, must report to the Algerian consular and diplomatic centers in their respective countries , in order to appear before the jury of Dar El Imam in Mohammadia (Algiers).

This jury is composed of six members including one from the Arab Republic of Egypt, the other from Guinea and others including an Algerian woman.

About the eliminatory rounds which took place last week within the framework of this edition, Mr. Miad indicated that they come to particularly select a representative of Algeria. To this end, 56 candidates presented themselves there in order to choose a group of competitors who will begin a training course on Sunday and Monday. It will then proceed to the selection of a candidate among them who will represent Algeria at the 17th international edition of the recitation of the Quran.

The official proclamation of the winners of the Algiers International Quran Recitation Competition will take place during a solemn ceremony scheduled for the end of February, where the winners will be distinguished with valuable prizes as well as the members of the jury.

The Algiers International Prize competition is open this year to Quran reciters under the age of 25 and those who did not win one of the top three prizes in previous editions.

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