Algiers province security service: Drugs and human being trafficking network dismantled

Anti-narcotics and Psychotropic Substances Squad of the Central District of the Judicial Police dismantled a 14-members network working in drugs and human being trafficking.

In a press statement, police lieutenant Ouali Hadj Nacer of Central District of the Judicial Police, a network, made up of 14 members, four of whom are of Algerian nationality and 10 from other nationalities, aged between 20 and 45 years old. They were active in human being smuggling, using camouflage, disguising in women’s Hijab and wearing make-up, and also active in smuggling of heroin and cocaine in form of drugs and psychotropic tablets by swallowing them.

“The operation resulted in the seizure of 780 g of heroin, 670 g of cocaine, 50 g of cannabis, two cars, 13 mobile phones, a sum of money estimated at 86000 Algerian dinars and 100 euros. Pharmaceutical materials and equipment used in the mixing and preparation of drugs were also seized” adds the same officer.

Following the investigation, the members were presented to the medical staff of Mustafa Pasha University Hospital, examinations revealed the presence of foreign bodies inside their guts extracted by the doctors.

The suspects were presented before the competent regional authorities for the felony of forming a group active in narcotics smuggling, human being and migrants trafficking, illegal trading, and transporting illegal immigrants and dangerous smuggling that put at risk national economy and public health.

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