Algiers Security: 07 people, including 05 foreign nationals arrested in Douira for dealing in hard drugs

The security services of the province of Algiers managed to dismantle a criminal network consisting of 7 people, specialized in dealing hard drugs, according to a statement by the same services.

The same source indicated that this operation, carried out in coordination with the competent regional prosecution in line with an extension of jurisdiction and a search warrant, resulted in the arrest of 7 suspects, 5 of whom are of foreign nationality.

In this context, 274.33 grams of hard drugs, a sum of money estimated at 209,600 dinars, 4 white arms, 3 foreign passports, 13 mobile phones, as well as a tourist vehicle used for the purpose of dealing the drugs, and various equipment used in the preparation of hard drugs and counterfeiting currency were seized and confiscated, according to the same source.

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