Algiers security services call upon citizens to adhere to health protocol to prevent spread of coronavirus

Security services of the province of Algiers, represented by the Communication and Public Relations Cell and the security services of the administrative district of Bab El-Oued, organized an “awareness-raising” campaign, to prevent the influx of citizens on the beaches of the same district.

A communiqué issued by the General Directorate of National Security, yesterday, Friday, stated that among those beaches, “Kaa Sour, Kettani and Rmila, where citizens were sensitized to the health situation after the high number of infections and deaths in order to protect them and preserve their lives.”

The province’s security services also called upon citizens to “contribute more to this process,” noting that the citizen is “a key link in the security equation as the basis for safety.”

In the same context, security services mentioned the green numbers 1548, 17 and 104, in addition to “Allo Police” application and the security of the province of Algiers Facebook page, which “remains at the service of the citizen to report everything that would prejudice their safety and property.”

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